Sliding Window stream join not working

I am implementing stream to stream join using a 5-minute window. for that, I am using a custom time extractor as well. I am adding UTC epoch mill in my field using

KStream<String, Status> data = request.join(generate, 
        (req, gen) -> recordBuilder.check(req, gen),
       foreach((k, v) ->"ID = " + k + " Status = " + v));

I am adding data in both the topic with nanosecond differences. Or you can say at the same time.
But I am unable to retrieve data in the window.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

The join is based on the key of the records as well as the timestamp. Can you share example data for both inputs (ie, key plus timestamp)?

Maybe you can verify the data using a transformValue() on both streams before the join that does not modify the data, but only prints/log it including the timestamp that you can access via context.timestamp().