Snowflake Sink Connector inserting empty object ({}) when the JSON schema is not defined for a JSON inside an array

I am trying to insert a JSON object with a defined schema into Snowflake.
The JSON object that I am trying to insert has an array of JSON objects whose schema is not defined. This is given as below:

custom_fields : [
{“field_id” : 8, “value” : 20},
{“field_name” : “field”, “values” : [20, “insert”]}


In the above example, the custom fields can have a random structure so I defined the above schema as below:
“custom_fields”: {
“$id”: “#root/custom_fields”,
“items”: {
“$id”: “#root/custom_fields/items”,
“title”: “Items”,
“type”: “object”
“title”: “Custom_fields”,
“type”: [

I have defined items as “Object” and not defined any properties in the “Object” section so as to keep schema flexible as JSON schema draft 07 allows.

But when the Snowflake Sink connector loads the data into Snowflake, the custom fields objects become empty like below:
“custom_fields”: [

Why is snowflake sink connector of Confluent Kafka removing the internal fields? What is the fix for this?