Stand alone cp kafka connect to confluent cloud

Hello forum,

I am, as per a request from one of our application teams trying to wrap my head around spinning up a kafka-connect instance on Kubernetes.
The end goal is to add an elasticsearch sink connector for ingesting the topics into Elastic.

I have been trying the cp-helm-charts/cp-kafka-connect chart, but i am unsure on how to go about it.
When installing the chart i end up with logs telling me that:
ERROR io.confluent.admin.utils.ClusterStatus - Expected 1 brokers but found only 0. Brokers found .

Would there be a kind sould around here with a working solution as to connect a cp-kafka-connect to confluent cloud, either by manifest or a helm values file?
Any pointer would be grately apreaciated :slight_smile:

Best regards

Those Helm Charts are no longer maintained, but you’ll need to provide the appropriate bootstrap servers and all other details for the Confluent Cloud connection, obviously, where it defaults to expect a Kafka broker also installed by those charts.

But if you want to use maintained kubernetes resources, that’s what CFK is for - confluent-kubernetes-examples/hybrid/ccloud-connect-confluent-hub at master · confluentinc/confluent-kubernetes-examples · GitHub

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