Suggestion: SMT support for null key/value should be documented

While working with a JDBC Sink Connector, I noticed that some SMT choke on a tombstone (null value) while others handle tombstones fine.

For example:

  "transforms": "flattenKey,valueToJSON,wrapValue,addTimestamp",
  "transforms.flattenKey.type": "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.Flatten$Key",
  "transforms.flattenKey.delimiter": "_",
  "transforms.valueToJSON.type": "com.github.jcustenborder.kafka.connect.transform.common.ToJSON$Value",
  "transforms.valueToJSON.schemas.enable": "false",
  "transforms.valueToJSON.predicate": "tombstone",
  "transforms.valueToJSON.negate": true,
  "transforms.wrapValue.predicate": "tombstone",
  "transforms.wrapValue.negate": true,

  "transforms.addTimestamp.type": "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.InsertField$Value",
  "transforms.addTimestamp.timestamp.field": "message_timestamp",

  "predicates": "tombstone",
  "predicates.tombstone.type": "org.apache.kafka.connect.transforms.predicates.RecordIsTombstone"

To avoid the cryptic error “java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to class” when processing a tombstone record, I had to add a negated predicate of RecordIsTombstone for ToJSON (community SMT) and HoistField, but did not need to add that to InsertField.

Digging in the source, I find that InsertField handles the case where key or value is null:

^ Thanks to this, there’s no need to add a predicate to skip InsertField$Value when value is null.

It would help if the docs listed how the individual SMTs behave when dealing with a null key/value. I don’t find any mention of that here:

Of course we can always find this out by trial and error or by studying the source code. But if Confluent were to make a best practice of describing how its SMT handle null key/value, that would have two benefits:

  1. Save developers time when working with Confluent’s official list of SMT
  2. Inspire developers who write their own SMT to likewise document how they handle null key/value

Perhaps a standard way of dealing with nulls (“no-op if key/value is null”) could be promoted, and SMT authors would only need to document their behavior when it differs.

Hey @Ben, thanks for taking time to write up the issue.

It’d be a good idea to log it with the authors of the relevant SMTs though, so raise a KAFKA JIRA for Single Message Transforms that ship in Apache Kafka, or with the relevant github repo e.g. Issues · jcustenborder/kafka-connect-transform-common · GitHub

Thanks, I’ve filed a KAFKA JIRA ticket for it:

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