Timestamp data type with Timescale DB / TimestampConverter SMT


i use the jdbc sink connector to put data to a timescaledb. My data format is avro.
I have the problem that my timestamp field in avro is a logical type like this:

[0:"null",1:{type:"long", logicalType:"timestamp-micros" }

The problem is that the sink connector match the field at the db to a bigint and not to date.
It is not really convenient to work with a bigint instead of a date type.

I try to use the TimestampConverter to convert the micros to millis but the problem is that
it is not supported. See: Example of Using Kafka Single Message Transform TimestampConverter · GitHub

Any ideas to solve the problem?



There’s a related github issue here that you can comment on and/or upvote: AvroConverter should support time-micros and timestamp-micros logical types · Issue #1720 · confluentinc/schema-registry · GitHub

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