Unable to establish Kafka REST connection


I have configured my confluent cli and was successfully able to list my kafka clusters and such. Now I wanted to list my brokers for a specific cluster. I took the REST endpoint from the cluster settings. But this is what happens:

confluent kafka broker list --url https://<id>.eu-central-1.aws.confluent.cloud:443
No session token found, please enter user credentials. To avoid being prompted, run "confluent login".
Username: <my user>
Password: ****************
Error: Unable to establish Kafka REST connection: https://<id>.eu-central-1.aws.confluent.cloud:44/v3: dial tcp <some-ip>:44: i/o timeout

By, the way, I also don’t understand, why it prompts me to login, because I already did confluent login.

Hi @sbusse .
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The confluent kafka broker list command is not supported on Confluent Cloud. It is supported on Confluent Platform, though.
See this : confluent kafka | Confluent Documentation. Under the subcommands heading, see the commands supported for Confluent Cloud and On-Prem.

Hi @sbusse

did you check the rest api quickstart?


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