Unable to lookup the destination(Topic) in Apache kafka from JMS(JNDI Client)

Hi Team,

We are working on a product of softwareAG(WebMethods Integration Server) and planning to use Apache/Confluent Kafka as Messaging backbone using JNDI JMS implementation.

As per the document, we downloaded the necessary jar file kafka-jms-client.jar and trying to connect Kafka using JNDI and JMS (JNDI Lookup and JMS connection is successful).

When we try to send the message to Kafka, we are getting the below error.

com.wm.app.b2b.server.jms.JMSSubsystemException: [ISS.0134.9026] Unable to retrieve Destination using JMS connection alias ApacheKafka_IS_JMS_Connection (Destination lookup name = “MyTopicName”).


JNDI Alias Name ApacheKafka_JNDI
Description JNDI for Apache Kafka
Initial Context Factory io.confluent.kafka.jms.KafkaInitialContextFactory
Provider URL tcp://host:9092

topic.bar = MyTopicName
queue.foo = MyTopicName
confluent.topic = MyTopicName


Create Connection Using JNDI LOOKUP
JNDI Provider Alias ApacheKafka_JNDI
Connection Factory Lookup Name TopicConnectionFactory