Using kafka with SAGA pattern

I have a simple question regaring using kafka as part of the SAGA pattern
In the SAGA cordinator the coordinator should listen to several topics (e.g order Received, Order Billed, Order Shipped etc)
In normal opperations this should not be an issue, but how should i solve the scenatio when the client has stopped for a short period of time
I have no guarantie that the messges from order shipped is processed before Order Reveived, making the event fail (illegal state… an order can not be shipped before it was reveived etc)
should i fail the process completly (not commiting the message) in these cenarios?
or is there some way that i can guarantie the order i process the events for each user? (not within one topic, but between topics)
My original thought was to have the coordinator kafka consumer subsribe to all topics and delegate the message receied (i need to only pick one message at a time from the topic(s)? based on the topic with a code like this:

  when(record.topic){ -> {kundeOpprettet(record)} -> {kundeStatusEndret(record)}