Using Kakfa With A Single Port (443)

Hey Guys,

I have a quick question about using Kafka with a single port in this case 443. Is this possible? I know some people have said you could use Kafka REST proxy or IIS to route the data however in my testing it doesn’t seem to be doing what I expect.

Heres the rundown,

I have a tree like structure here | < this guy aggregates all the data for everyone
from here I have two or more | | middle guys that house lots of topics and information that everyone is interested in.
Then I have clients here that | | | produce and consume that data from the topics
This all works and I have 0 issues.

The pain point comes in from the client I can only communicate though 443 which brings me out to here. How if possible can I route all of my cluster data though one port if thats even possible? I figured I would use the REST proxy for this however I haven’t gotten it to work.

hey @finepointcgi

rest proxy might work for your use case.

could you provide some how you’ve installed and configured the rest proxy?