What's the next after kafka source connector?

Finally, I finish to configure elasticsearch source connector in confluent,
So what’s the next?
how can I add data in topic etc…,
I spend many time to search how to and what to do after connector in confluent is running

Hi @Sarindra m do you see the data being ingested from Elasticsearch into a topic?
If you are looking for ways to try out what Confluent Cloud can do maybe you will find the ksqlDB quickstart useful .

You can also join the 100days of code challenge, which will give you lots of examples on how to use Confluent Cloud

Let us know how it goes!

ohh, not work for me :persevere:

What exactly is not working?

When my computer is off all the connectors disappear and I can’t send data from elasticsearch to kafka

You mean when your computer restarts? (Obviously when it is off, then nothing is running)

Kafka defaults to store data in /tmp.

When you restart, then all that data (topics, connectors, consumer groups, etc) will be gone.

You need to change log.dirs setting on the broker to use more persistent location.