When is a worker used to pause?

When the connector worker is paused, no tasks are paused either.

 "status": {
            "name": "source-02",
            "connector": {
                "state": "PAUSED",
                "worker_id": "*"
            "tasks": [
                    "id": 0,
                    "state": "RUNNING",
                    "worker_id": "*"
            "type": "source"

If the connector is a jdbc source connector, does it continue to request db select queries?
When is a worker used to pause?

when the connector is paused no sql queries will be ran. It’s simply doing a keep alive on the tasks so they don’t rebalance or get killed.

A pause can be used to update the database, stop pulling updates for whatever reason(bad data in the database? schema change? etc). To make things work again issue a resume

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