With Cluster Linking what does the failover Actually Do?

Cluster Linking for Failover and Disaster Recovery on Confluent Cloud | Confluent Documentation. The above documentation steps you through the process of failing over to a DR cluster. In the documentation the failover command is run with the --dry-run flag which lists all the mirror with their current offsets. The documentation then steps through a simulated failed for a single topic by stopping mirroring on a single topic. What would happen if the failover command was run without the dry-run flag? I assume if which just stop mirroring for all the topics. Is this correct? I am hesitant above running the failover command without knowing its full effects.

Hi @tjmcclure0501,

Are you referring to Step 1 under Simulate a failover to the DR cluster? If so, step 2 is the same command without --dry-run in order to stop mirroring (convert to a regular topic). You can provide multiple topic names to the failover command (reference and examples here).