A very warm Hello from Germany

Hello Community,

I am new here and perhaps I can find some usefull infos or hints as we are evaluation kafka and it’s implementation.
So I am looking too for the right groups for feature requests or questions on special topics, like the confluent gui where you can’t find the information in the doku or via “google”.

Any hints are welcome,

best regards,


Hi @berni123 . Happy to have you here, too! This forum is divided up into categories (for individual topics) where you can browse what others have asked/contributed and you can post, too. The categories are in the hamburger menu on the top.

You can also check out Confluent Community slack space.


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Hi Bernd, welcome to the forum! As @vnadkarni says, there are different categories on the forum, e.g. Graphical tools - Confluent Community

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Hi @vnadkarni and @rmoff . Thank you for the warm welcome - i already discovered the Graphical tools - Confluent Community with a post from june discribing excat my issue :wink:
Thank you

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