Hello from a dreich Scotland

I am basically brand new to the Confluent, Kafka and everything else. Trying to grasp all the information is like trying to read the manual for a fire hose whilst things are going on fire! (Nothing is actually on fire and so far I have failed to break much, so props to the team for that!)

I am so old that I still try to stick with not giving out personal information online if I can avoid it.
I remember this when it was all green screens, Usenet, and VAXen.


Hi from a grim and gloomy Yorkshire :wink:

Welcome to the forum, and the world of streaming. let us know if there’s anything we can help you with :slight_smile:

Funny you mention Usenet. That’s what I cut my teeth on, and see it as a parallel to the forum, in the way that IRC and Slack are.