🎉 Announcing free training videos, deep-dive articles, and more at Confluent Developer 🎊

I’m delighted to announce the launch of Confluent Developer - the pre-eminent destination for your Apache Kafka® learning and needs.

Kapture 2021-08-04 at 16.56.18

There’s a metric ton (figuratively) of fantastically useful content available for absolutely free (not even an email gate in sight).

Check it out:

:movie_camera: Let @tlberglund tell you more:

:point_right: Head over to Confluent Developer now to check it out.

We hope you like it - if you’ve got any feedback we’d be delighted to hear from you here on the Confluent Community Forum.


If you have any feedback, adulation, complaints, suggestions please head over to #community:lounge to share :slight_smile: