Apache Kafka 3.1.0

Hi there,
For apache kafka 3.1.0 installation , is zookeeper mandatory to install…?

@AneeshBabu KRaft mode in 3.1 is still “PREVIEW AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION”, see documentation here including links to currently missing features and Kafka Raft metadata mode: kafka/README.md at 26f1c5f91e6d479889dfe5a897ae2de96c576ec0 · apache/kafka · GitHub


My use case is : Iam configuring debezium mysql connector.
So which version of kafka and zookeeper should i install.

Please let me know.

Apache Kafka 3.1 ships with ZK version 3.6.3

you mentioned above that 3.1 is still “PREVIEW AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION”.

What is the exact version of kafka which is proved in production,Could you please provide the detailed information.

@AneeshBabu Apache Kafka 3.1 is an official release and production ready. My quote above is specific to “KRaft Mode” only.