🎧 Build a Data Streaming App with Apache Kafka and JS - Coding in Motion

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Coding is inherently enjoyable and experimental. With the goal of bringing fun into programming, Kris Jenkins (Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent) hosts a new series of hands-on workshops—Coding in Motion, to teach you how to use Apache Kafka® and data streaming technologies for real-life use cases.

In the first episode, Sound & Vision, Kris walks you through the end-to-end process of building a real-time, full-stack data streaming application from scratch using Kafka and JavaScript/TypeScript.

During the workshop, you’ll learn to stream musical MIDI data into fully-managed Kafka using Confluent Cloud, then process and transform the raw data stream using ksqlDB. Finally, the enriched data streams will be pushed to a web server to display data in a 3D graphical visualization.

Listen to Kris previews the first episode of Coding in Motion: Sound & Vision and join him in the workshop premiere to learn more.


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