🎧 What’s Next for the Streaming Audio Podcast ft. Kris Jenkins

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Meet your new host of the Streaming Audio podcast: Kris Jenkins (Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent)! In this preview, Kris shares a few highlights from forthcoming episodes to look forward to, spanning topics from data mesh, cloud-native technologies, and serverless Apache Kafka®, to data modeling.

As a developer advocate, Kris is endlessly fascinated about software design, functional programming, real-time systems, and electronic music. He is a veteran software developer and engineer, with a broad background from roles such as CTO of a Java/Oracle gold exchange and contract developer of several Haskell/PureScript-based event systems.

There is still a raft of data streaming narratives to tell and many community experts to feature. We’ll cover what’s new and emerging, real-life Kafka use cases, and how people are currently using managed Kafka as a service, as well as the latest in the data streaming space

If there’s a subject you’d like to see covered on the show or if you know someone who should be featured, let us know via the Confluent Community engagement form.


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