Can you have multiple AWS private links to a single Cluster?

Hi Community, while the Confluent doco often refers to aws ‘privatelinks’ with an ‘s’, it is not clear to me if you can have multiple privateLinks connecting to a single dedicated cluster in Confluent Cloud? e.g. if i wanted to have multiple ‘environment’ VPC’s in AWS (e.g. dev, sit etc) & wanted to leverage a single cluster in Confluent Cloud to support these multiple environments (via namespace), is this readily supported? We have proven single privateLink connectivity but yet to prove if multiple privateLinks are supported. . .

Hello! Yes, you can connect multiple PrivateLinks to a single Confluent Cloud cluster. Specifically, there are dimensions you can scale here:

  • You can register one or more AWS accounts to a single Confluent Cloud PrivateLink cluster (think of this as whitelisting multiple AWS accounts from from which you can connect to the PrivateLink cluster). This is useful if you have, for example, different AWS accounts for Dev vs. Sit vs. Prod)
  • Within a single registered AWS account, you can create VPC endpoints in one or more VPCs. This is useful if you have multiple VPCs in a given AWS account that all need access to the PrivateLink cluster

Currently there’s a limit of 10 registered AWS accounts for a single Confluent Cloud PrivateLink cluster (although this can be raised if you need more by opening a ticket). There’s no explicit Confluent limit on VPCs within a given AWS account, although AWS may impose their own limits here.


Thanks @jlee : can i suggest confluent be a little bit more explicit on some of the elements in the documentation in future . . . insightful so thanks for details. . b

Yep! I’m gonna see if I can get the docs updated to be more explicit here. Thanks for the feedback!

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