Mix public and private linked clusters?


Is it possible to mix public clusters and dedicated clusters with a private link (Azure) on the same confluent cloud account?

I want to use a public cluster until the whole setup of the private link and everything is completed but I am not sure if this is supported.

As far as I understood the documentation it is not possible to switch a cluster but that would not be an issue.

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not sure if i got you right, according to the the docs

Cluster Linking is not supported for Confluent Cloud clusters that have the Transit Gateway, VPC Peering, Privatelink or VNet Peering networking types. If you wish to use Cluster Linking with a privately networked Confluent Cloud cluster, contact your Confluent account team or email clusterlinking@confluent.io to find out more.

for reference

in general this should work

  • Your destination cluster must be a Dedicated cluster with Public internet endpoints.
  • Your source cluster can be a Basic, Standard, or Dedicated cluster with Public internet

reference Cluster Linking for Topic Data Sharing on Confluent Cloud | Confluent Documentation


Thanks for the answer, but I was not looking for cluster linking.
I have received an answer from support which I want to share:

I confirm that in the same Confluent Cloud organization it’s possible to deploy different types of clusters (Basic, Standard, Dedicated) with different types of networking options; so you can have a mix of public and private endpoints clusters, since each cluster will resides in its own VPC.
I also confirm that the network configuration cannot be switched on a cloud cluster.

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