Cascading streams in ksqldb

I have a Kafka topic that has messages generated from data generator. I built a stream from topic. I see messages in the stream.
I created another stream reading from first stream. i don’t see messages there.

is cascading streams allowed in ksqldb ?

what is the benefit of cascading streaming at all ? versus having multiple streams all from source topic, and only build tables after ?

If you haven’t done so, try setting auto.offset.reset to earliest (docs here). This parameter defaults to latest. You’d want to do this both for the query that populates the derived stream (whether a CREATE STREAM AS SELECT or INSERT SELECT) and the query that queries the derived stream so that all consumption starts from the earliest available offset.

Yes, it’s allowed and common.

I don’t follow the alternative idea of having multiple streams from the source topic – could you give an example series of ksqlDB statements that would do this?

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