Confluent 6.2 compatibility with Apache Kafka 2.7

We are trying to check compatibility between Confluent kafka and Apache kafka.

Steps we followed for testing:

  1. Deployed confluent kafka using helm charts
  2. Created some topics and produced some messages to topics
  3. Uninstalled confluent release
  4. Deployed Apache Kafka 2.7 with same configuration as confluent kafka
  5. When we run --list old topics are not shown but we can create new topics
  6. I verified data in brokers and zookeepers and I can see directories and files related to old topics

Do we need any addition steps for reading files in Apache Kafka? We don’t see any errors in zookeeper or broker logs.

Hi @naveen8384

so your and looks the same?
especially log.dirs and dataDir parameter.


Yes @mmuehlbeyer ,
both properties files are same. Only difference is in confluent we used ssl based security for broker but in apache kafka we are not using any security.


ok I see
just double checked the release notes for confluent 6.2:

the version is based on Kafka 2.8 so I would recommend to try with this version.