Confluent Cloud Register Schema RestAPI

Hi, all members of Confluent Forum,
I have started using the confluent cloud. I got a problem with register schema using restapi
My questions are:

  • Can we register schema under the subject using Rest API in Confluent Cloud?
  • What URL we can use to do that (I have followed the documentation about API Confluent Cloud API Reference Documentation however response code response is 404. It seems the URL has changed to another path to manage or is not supported)?
  • Can we change the subject mode using Rest API in Confluent Cloud?

Very much thank the Confluent Developer family.

Have you tried using the Confluent Cloud Schema Registry endpoint URL?

You can find it at the right side of your environments tab, marked as yellow on this image:

With that endpoint you can do all kind of operations with your schema registry, including updating the compatibility mode.

You can find more information, including the autentication config at this link.