Confluent Cluster for development

I installed confluent cluster on my development environment with 3 servers about 6-7 weeks ago. Last week I saw below error on my server.log
“io.confluent.license.ExpiredLicenseException: Trial license for Confluent Enterprise expired on”
Can’t I use confluent cluster for development purposes?

Hi @slyyone
Some Confluent Platform components are commercial and some are community licensed. You can check which is which in general from here
and if you’re using docker images here.

So, if you used cp-server image for your kafka nodes without any license, you can only use it for 30 days but you can use cp-kafka* as much as you want.

( :information_source: you should ask this question in ops category btw)

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I installed confluent from .zip file on virtual machines
Thanks for tip I will create another issue there

I’ve moved this one to ops.

Hi, Some Confluent Platform members live saleably, and some are community certified. You can review which is available and if you’re operating docker look-alikes here.
So, if you employed the cp-server idea for your Kafka nodes without permission, you can utilize it for 30 days, but you can use cp-Kafka* as much as you like.