Question regarding kafka upgrade license


We have got a kafka deployment, currently running with confluent platform 5.3.2 deployed using cp-kafka image and the incubator/kafka helm chart.

I am now planning to upgrade it to the latest, confluent platform 6.1.x using cp-kafka images (we have made our own helm chart based on incubator/kafka as the incubator/kafka chart is not maintained anymore). Do we need any license to use the cp-kafka image for confluent platform 6.1.x? I came across the confluent platform upgrade guide (Upgrade Confluent Platform | Confluent Documentation) which mentions the following.

Confluent license
Add the confluent.license configuration parameter to . Confluent
Platform 5.4.x and later, requires confluent.license to start.

Appreciate if someone could help me to get a clarification on this. Thanks!


are you using enterprise features?
If not you could run the cp-kafka image with confluent community license.
If I remember correctly cp-kafka image are based on Confluent community version

For Enterprise features use the cp-server image

some further reading:


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