Confluent Community Online Etiquette

Participants will gain the most from this hugely active community by actively participating and communicating effectively. As such, we encourage positive and constructive collaboration and communication.

Behaviour and Manners

All community participants should feel welcome , regardless of their personal background. Please be polite, courteous, and considerate to fellow participants. No offensive comments regarding gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion will be tolerated.

We expect all participants to be respectful when communicating with other participants , even when differences of opinion arise. Participants are expected to work together to resolve disagreements constructively and respectfully. Disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. Please be patient.

If you are being harassed or notice that someone else is being harassed, please inform our community staff immediately by contacting

We expect participants to abide by these rules during all community-related activities and events. Please see our general community code of conduct for more information.

Online Community Etiquette and best practices

Choose the best category for your question, idea, or statement

We have lots of categories covering all kinds of topics. Find the right one to ask your categories.

Please do not post the same question in multiple categories (otherwise known as ‘cross-posting’).

Be clear

Ensure your messages are easy to read. For example; use code formatting when posting code snippets.

Think about how to ask your question clearly, whilst providing enough information and context. A precise and well-formed question is much more likely to get an answer (see tips here).

Ask questions so the whole community can see them

No single person is obligated to answer your question. Do not tag people who aren’t part of your conversation already. Our community is lucky to have a large number of experts who frequently answer people’s questions. However, regardless if they are Confluent employees or not, no one is obligated to answer your questions.

In general, keep your questions away from direct message (DM). The whole point of a community is that multiple people can help with, and benefit from a particular conversation. If you have a 1:1 discussion then you are relying on that person to reply directly to you, and other people won’t benefit from seeing the discussion and learning from it.

Support disclaimer

This is a resource for the community to help the community. Whilst there are a number of Confluent employees who are helpful and contribute to discussions, they are solely doing it as community members, themselves. There is never an obligation for any Confluent employee (or employee of any other company, for that matter) to reply to any post or message, despite the space being called the ‘Confluent Community’!

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