👥 Feedback welcome!

We are delighted to invite you to the new Confluent Community Forum. This forum does not replace Slack . It complements it, in the ways discussed here.

We are still in the beta-test phase of the forum, and we would love feedback about all and any aspects of the new forum, including:

  • Usability of the platform [Discourse]
  • Layout and organisation of information
  • Permissions - can you:
    • Do what you need to
    • Not do what you shouldn’t be able to?
  • How do you think it will be received in the wider community? How can we position it best so that we don’t upset the apple-cart of our lovely Slack community?

We’re also really keen to get contributions to the forum. No-one visits a restaurant that’s mostly empty tables, and to get the forum off to a real flying start we want to get lots of content created. This can be:

  • links out to useful resources
  • asked-and-answered posts
  • open questions for others to answer.

Welcome to all our new members! A few of you asked about what input we’re looking for - the above post should help out.