Confluent Control Center - features, pros and cons

Let’s discuss the Confluent Control Center project.

The idea (was born here) is to share your experience so far, your thoughts, and pros and cons which you already noticed!

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Where can we post issues with Confluent Control Center? I couldn’t find it on github (I’m guessing that’s because it’s not open source). I love the idea behind Confluent Control Center. It helps having a tool that gives a panoramic view into all the elements in Confluent platform: brokers, consumers, connect workers, ksqlDB objects, and so on. I’ve found what appears to be a UI bug with how it renders certain Avro keys in the topics → messages view. Is there an appropriate place to file bug reports?

Hi @Ben, this category (#tools:graphical-tools) is a suitable place to post any issues.

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Thanks @rmoff I’ve posted it here: Control Center - bug displaying UI for messages with compound, nested Avro key