Section to discuss GUIs on top of Kafka cluster like Control Center

Hi Kafkateers!

Great that we finally have a forum where we can accumulate our knowledge and share experience.

I have a question - where do we create posts about Graphical User Interfaces for Kafka? Like Control Center?

And in general, it is not quite clear where to create my post, if it does not really fit to any currently existing category. Probably it’d be great to have something like “General Questions” or “Other”, wouldn’t it?


Hi Denis, great question!

We’ve held off creating a other type category because they can sometimes end up being ‘dumping grounds’ for questions that are better categorised.

Let me have a think about where this should go, and I’ll get back to you

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I’d probably but it in Ops myself as, even for a Dev, it’s related to monitoring the running system.

As it happens I’ve been testing out kafdrop, akhq, and kafka-ui. Have elected to use akhq for the moment.


Thanks for your feedback, @roadSurfer.

Would it be possible for you to give some more details on the features of each mentioned project, and probably pros and cons, which already noticed?

I’d also like to add, that Control Center can be used not only for DevOps and monitoring purposes, but also as a ksqlDB client in a browser, as an alternative to ksql CLI, which is sometimes very convenient

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None of them are as full-featured as Control Center is. At the moment we only need some basics and so “akhq” will serve for now.
I picked “akhq” as it was the that allowed my to update topics etc (“kafdrop” is read only) and without UI glitches (“kafka-ui” couldn’t apply filters correctly).

As you say, Control Center is much more than just simple topic checking and if you need those other features then I think it is the one to go for. Perhaps some of the others will catch up?

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@roadSurfer, @mcascallares, what do you think if we create a separate topic for each project, so people could share there their experience about each?

The current list is already:

@rmoff, what do you think, where would it be best to create these posts?

I’ve created #tools:graphical-tools category - enjoy! :tada:

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