UI for Apache Kafka - Open Source Tool for Kafka Monitoring, Management and Observability

Hi everyone! I’d like to share a free open-source tool that I’m working on with the team -
UI for Apache Kafka:

GitHub - provectus/kafka-ui: Open-Source Web GUI for Apache Kafka Management

UI for Apache Kafka is a simple cluster observability tool. It lets you manage all your clusters in one place, prevent issues, or find and troubleshoot them faster. The UI helps developers reduce TTD and TTR, debug easier and ensure optimal cluster performance by visualizing all the key metrics on all layers.

Key features include:

  1. Manage Schema - view schema versions and schema registry
  2. Manage Kafka Connect - monitor tasks for performance: success/failure, errors
  3. Monitor Consumer Groups - track if they read from Kafka in time and if they lag - what number of messages, what instance is lagging, and from what partitions it is reading

:point_right: We would love your feedback. Please feel free to try out the tool, add issues/PRs, or join as a contributor. :slightly_smiling_face: