Worth the time? An Open Source Kafka Dashboard / GUI

Hello Kafka devs! I am a part of a small team of students researching possible open-source project ideas to dedicate our next 5 weeks towards developing. We have several ideas on topics, but Apache Kafka seems to be getting everyone excited for several reasons, and we are turning to the more experienced community to help fill in some of the gaps!

The questions I want to post here are pretty broad, but will help form the root of our project if you are interested in leaving suggestions/tips for us!

  • Very simple to start, but – would a web-based application for monitoring the vitals / metrics of your events help in your day-to-day work with the Kafka platform?
  • What metrics and vitals would be crucial red-flags in this UI to help alert you to possible or active problems with your event streaming?
  • What processes do you feel could be automated through this hypothetical UI dashboard that would make your workday a hell of a lot easier?

A fast answer to even just one of these would be a tremendous help and could influence such a tool going live in record time for, of course, FREE just like Kafka is haha. Thanks in advance!! :slightly_smiling_face: