Confluent flink shell issue in Command Prompt

Hi I have been using Confluent CLI for Kafka in Window and everything works fine but for Flink SQL CLI typically command for “confluent flink shell” gives me this error:

I have tried to use my service account but obviously that WARN sign is disappeared but still get Error: failed to initialize console parser thing…

I am wondering does confluent flink shell doesn’t support in Window command prompt envrionment?

I zipped the file for the latest version of confluent(confluent_3.48.1_windows_amd64) also tried other versions but still get same error. Please help…

Thanks for raising this – I am seeing the same issue on Windows. I’ll raise this internally to see about a fix / workaround.

Thank you! Please let me know once it is fixed or find the workaround

The Confluent CLI team has fixed this. Based on the release cadence of the CLI, I’d expect it to be available sometime next week. I’ll drop a note here once it’s available.

We’re not aware of a CLI-specific workaround so would recommend using the SQL workspace in the Confluent Cloud Console in the meantime.

The fix for this is in the latest release 3.50.0. You can run confluent update to get the latest.