Confluent on K8S on Raspberry Pi4

Hi all

Want to try and build a “mini” lab, looking at putting down 4 x RPi4 (4Gb) and K8S on top with Confluent deployed inside the K8S cluster.

Anyone gotten this working.


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never did this by myself but there are some blog posts around.



The building of a K8s cluster itself I"m not that worried about… As I know docker is available on ARM and K8S fits on top of that…

More wondering if anyone have deployed a confluent stack on docker containers which is hosted on ARM architecture.


there is an additional post on the page

Hi there

Awesome, thanks, that is my backup plan, a generic Kafka cluster… but pushing my luck, would be great if this can be a Confluent stack. As a test/train/lab environment.

Implies we need to be able to pull ARM compatible docker images for Confluent ?


there is a discussion on github about supporting ARM images

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Never even thought about the MAC… I’m close to pulling trigger on a new M1 based MBP… and ye that implies a full CP_all_in_one for ARM chip requirement…
Never mind the various source and sink connectors.
So ye, this might actually shift focus a bit… as much I want to do this for the ARM on RPi4 platform def also going to need the docker images for ARM for the MBP.


K8S on RPI for those interested, or mildly off kilter like me.


The below is not to distract from what I think is a bigger ask/question now, roadmap of Cp-all-in-one, as a on laptop def environment for deployment on the new MBP’s based on their M1/ARM chip.

But for those interested, found a even better idea…