🎧 Confluent Platform 7.1: New Features + Updates

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Confluent Platform 7.1 expands upon its already innovative features, adding improvements in key areas that benefit data consistency, allow for increased speed and scale, and enhance resilience and reliability.

Previously, the Confluent Platform 7.0 release introduced Cluster Linking, which enables you to bridge on-premises and cloud clusters, among other configurations. Maintaining data quality standards across multiple environments can be challenging though. To assist with this problem, CP 7.1 adds Schema Linking, which lets you share consistent schemas across your clusters—synced in real time.

Confluent for Kubernetes lets you build your own private-cloud Apache Kafka® service. Now you can enhance the global resilience of your architecture by employing to multiple regions. With the new release you can also configure custom volumes attached to Confluent deployments and you can declaratively define and manage the new Schema Links. As of this release, Confluent for Kubernetes now supports the full feature set of the Confluent Platform.

Tiered Storage was released in Confluent Platform 6.0, and it offers immense benefits for a cluster by allowing the offloading of older topic data out of the broker and into slower, long-term object storage. The reduced amount of local data makes maintenance, scaling out, recovery from failure, and adding brokers all much quicker. CP 7.1 adds compatibility for object storage using Nutanix, NetApp, MinIO, and Dell, integrations that have been put through rigorous performance and quality testing.

Health+ was introduced in CP 6.2—offers intelligent cloud-based alerting and monitoring tools in a dashboard. New as of CP 7.1, you can choose to be alerted when anomalies in broker latency are detected, when there is an issue with your connectors linking Kafka and external systems, as well as when a ksqlDB query will interfere with a continuous, real-time processing stream.

Shipping with CP 7.1 is ksqlDB 0.23, which adds support for pull queries against streams as opposed to only against tables—a milestone development that greatly helps when debugging since a subset of messages within a topic can now be inspected. ksqlDB 0.23 also supports custom schema selection, which lets you choose a specific schema ID when you create a new stream or table, rather than use the latest registered schema. A number of additional smaller enhancements are also included in the release.


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