Confluent Platform demo (cp-demo)

This example and accompanying tutorial show users how to deploy an Apache Kafka® event streaming application using ksqlDB and Kafka Streams for stream processing. All the components in the Confluent platform have security enabled end-to-end. Run the example with the tutorial.

The use case is a Kafka event streaming application for real-time edits to real Wikipedia pages. Wikimedia’s EventStreams publishes a continuous stream of real-time edits happening to real wiki pages. Using Kafka Connect, a Kafka source connector kafka-connect-sse streams raw messages for the server sent events (SSE), and a custom Kafka Connect transform kafka-connect-json-schema transforms these messages and then the messages are written to a Kafka cluster. This example uses ksqlDB and a Kafka Streams application for data processing. Then a Kafka sink connector kafka-connect-elasticsearch streams the data out of Kafka, and the data is materialized into Elasticsearch for analysis by Kibana. Confluent Replicator is also copying messages from a topic to another topic in the same cluster. All data is using Confluent Schema Registry and Avro. Confluent Control Center is managing and monitoring the deployment.