Setup a small kafka demo to understand & to explain

hey everyone, this is going to be vague because I am trying to get my foothold with kafka so please correct me where I am wrong.
Product: Confluent Cloud
I want to setup a kafka demo to understand relation between event, event producer, schema registry & event transformation using kslDB. The motivation here is to learn & also once I have something working, to share & educate other newbies.

What I am looking for is some direction on how to achieve this?

  • is there an application that I can use to generate events (not Datagen connectors but an application that I have control over, example so I can modify event structure)
  • I can write an event producer in Java (I suppose that’s the way to go)
  • how do I get that event producer to talk to schema registry for schema validation (link to an article/talk/repo)
  • once the event is validated & lands in topics then I can query the topic using ksqlDB & create a stream (is that correct?)

If this has been done before, can someone please point me to a repo or an article? I’d appreciate pointers on how to do this setup. If I am wrong then please do point out.

hey callumd,

did you already check the kafka tutorials

I think especially this one could help you:

some basics about this topic can be found here:
and here: