Connector state UNASSIGNED

The connector is deployed on k8s. There was a problem with the connector last Friday: the container kept restarting. It seems that the memory is limited by k8s. I found out this tuesday that I removed the memory limit and everything seems to be back to normal, but there are still two problems:

  1. Check the status through url(/connectors/{name}/status), the status of connector is UNASSIGNED;
    “name”: “test-sink”,
    “connector”: {
    “state”: “UNASSIGNED”,
    “worker_id”: “”
    “tasks”: [
    “id”: 0,
    “state”: “RUNNING”,
    “worker_id”: “”
    “type”: “sink”
  2. The log keeps printing:
    Couldn’t commit processed log positions with the source database due to a concurrent connector shutdown or restart [io.debezium.connector.common.BaseSourceTask]

delete /connectors/{name} time out
post /connectors timed out,
get /connectors/{name}/config time out
get /connectors/{name}/status is ok
get /connectors/{name} is ok
Other than that,yesterday the server was out of power for a while
get /connectors/{name}/config before that is ok

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