Connector running into UNASSIGNED status

We are using Kafka connect framework in our service. However, we recently found out that the connector can suddenly run into UNASSIGNED status while all the connector tasks are still in RUNNING status. We only found the log below on Kafka broker side:

2023-10-11 03:44:02,368 INFO [GroupCoordinator 1]: Member connector-consumer-email-notifications-email-notifications-send-emails-to-users-t2-2-6d0f4311-f3a3-4bea-9a31-70c231e6a926 in group connect-email-notifications-email-notifications-send-emails-to-users-t2 has failed, removing it from the group ( [executor-Heartbeat]

Wondering if anyone has any idea on what was going on in our service.

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