Containerized Connect listeners vs rest.advertised

Im attempting to run a Kafka Connect container on Heroku, inside a private space.

Im hoping for help setting:

From my understanding:
CONNECT_LISTENERS - this is the external endpoint for Kafka REST… thus CONNECT_LISTENERS="$PORT}

CONNECT_REST_PORT - If the process doesn’t bind to the servers port [Heroku dynos] within 60s, the dyno reboots. So CONNECT_REST_PORT=${PORT}

CONNECT_REST_ADVERTISED_LISTENER="HTTP" - This is http as heroku routes via http

Here comes the issue… Ive tried a variety of configs for the following…

CONNECT_REST_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME - From the docs, this is the internal hostname/ip - so with (private space DNS discovery)[Private Spaces DNS Service Discovery | Heroku Dev Center], I can get an internal hostname of the form and with a private space, I can use a static port - say 5000.

The issue is, my REST API fails to bind…

2022-06-03T02:08:22.869326+00:00 app[web.1]: [2022-06-03 02:08:22,869] INFO jetty-9.4.43.v20210629; built: 2021-06-30T11:07:22.254Z; git: 526006ecfa3af7f1a27ef3a288e2bef7ea9dd7e8; jvm 11.0.13+8-LTS (org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server)
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894502+00:00 app[web.1]: [2022-06-03 02:08:22,891] ERROR Stopping due to error (org.apache.kafka.connect.cli.ConnectDistributed)
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894503+00:00 app[web.1]: org.apache.kafka.connect.errors.ConnectException: Unable to initialize REST server
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894503+00:00 app[web.1]: at
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894504+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.apache.kafka.connect.cli.ConnectDistributed.startConnect(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894504+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.apache.kafka.connect.cli.ConnectDistributed.main(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894505+00:00 app[web.1]: Caused by: Failed to bind to
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894505+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.server.ServerConnector.openAcceptChannel(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894506+00:00 app[web.1]: at
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894506+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.server.AbstractNetworkConnector.doStart(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894507+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.server.ServerConnector.doStart(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894507+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.AbstractLifeCycle.start(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894507+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server.doStart(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894508+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.util.component.AbstractLifeCycle.start(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894508+00:00 app[web.1]: at
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894509+00:00 app[web.1]: ... 2 more
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894509+00:00 app[web.1]: Caused by: Cannot assign requested address
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894510+00:00 app[web.1]: at java.base/ Method)
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894510+00:00 app[web.1]: at java.base/
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894510+00:00 app[web.1]: at java.base/
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894511+00:00 app[web.1]: at java.base/
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894511+00:00 app[web.1]: at java.base/
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894512+00:00 app[web.1]: at org.eclipse.jetty.server.ServerConnector.openAcceptChannel(
2022-06-03T02:08:22.894512+00:00 app[web.1]: ... 9 more
2022-06-03T02:08:27.675168+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Error R10 (Boo

What’s the correct differentiation between CONNECT_LISTENERS and CONNECT_REST_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME for managed instances? I can configure as I wish, my ssl handshake completes, I can ping my kafka instance… but I cannot for the life of me stand up kafka connect

hi @mattimo

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defines the URIs the api will listen on
will to bind to all interfaces if set to


the hostname that will be given out to other workers to connect to.
should be set to resolvable hostname


Hi @mmuehlbeyer , thanks for the response. I know what these values should be from the confluent/apache docs, but my question is on deeper prod configuration…

Can I get your thoughts on this example config?
CONNECT_LISTENERS - List of external hostname/ip:port where Kafaka REST listens on… this would be the URI I use to get a list of connectors, post a new connector, delete a connector, etc… So this would be${PORT}…?

CONNECT_REST_ADVERTISED_HOST_NAME - internal hostname of the connect worker. Im in a Private Space and can use [Private Spaces DNS Service Discovery | Heroku Dev Center](https://DNS Service Discovery) to allow dyno-to-dyno communication [worker-to-worker].

After enabling this feature and binding my app to a static port (e.g. 5000) and HEROKU_PRIVATE_IP, my app is reachable via internal traffic at:

  2. My app binds successfully with CONNECT_LISTENERS="HTTP://${PORT}, but all other combinations of external or internal hostname/ip:port I’ve tried cause my app to fail…

Can you provide a prod example here?

If anyone finds this, I solved by taking advantage of static port available in private spaces:


hey @mattimo

just for curiosity which docker image version did you use?


@mmuehlbeyer I used confluentinc/cp-kafka-connect-base:6.1.4 and extended the image from there. I plan to post a public repo & walk-through soon - this was quite difficult to get up-and-running on Heroku, inside a Private Space… Happy to send the repo over once I do, I think it would benefit people who come across in the future… this was quite a headache to set up correctly (Heroku docs are very sparse)

Would you mind taking a look at my recent post Debezium SQLServer connector failed SSL handshake? I’m very close to finally setting this up…

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