Created stream via sql which is not emitting any data

Hi all,

can really do with some assistance with the below.


might have something…

did docker-compose logs ksqldb-server and got the below out.

the date is a string in the json, as everything is in json. via the schema-registry and stream create trying to tell it to intrepid it as a date… see example message above.

how can if fix/improve this.

ksqldb-server | [2024-06-11 10:15:50,078] WARN stream-thread [_confluent-ksql-default_transient_transient_SALESPAYMENTS_1499537375259749102_1718024630759-e7d0b678-672f-4753-b060-1d81c0632f97-StreamThread-1] task [0_0] Skipping record due to deserialization error. topic=[salespayments] partition=[0] offset=[208] (org.apache.kafka.streams.processor.internals.RecordDeserializer)
ksqldb-server | org.apache.kafka.common.errors.SerializationException: Failed to deserialize value from topic: salespayments. Can’t coerce string to type. targetType: DATE, path: $.PAYDATETIME

for sure…if i change my stream create to reference the PAYDATETIME as a varchar then it works… but this is not desired… i’d like to get the date as string cast to a date in streams, please.


so se there is a timestamp field… it’s also failing on the cast to date step…
thinking its due to my string including the offset "+02:00’


Problem was the date field that streams was to cast to a date, which was a string, that included +GMT offset… caused the ksql stream to reject message.


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