Debezium PostgreSQL CDC Source Connector Not Available on Confluent Kafka

I tried to learn about Confluent Kafka and CDC Source Connector. I followed the instruction on the confluent site on how to install Kafka CDC source Connector. After I followed everything, I can’t locate the CDC source connector via Rest API. Is there anything that I can try to properly install CDC source connector? Any tips will be appreciated.

hey @BugBite

could elaborate a bit more?
how did you configure the connect cluster and the connector?


Hi Thank you for your interest in helping out.

I installed Confluent Kafka on my mac.

  • I started Confluent Kafka.
  • I installed connector via the following command.
    %confluent-hub install debezium/debezium-connector-postgresql:2.2.1
  • I restated Confluent connect as instructed below.
    %confluent local services connect start
  • I check Control Center. Postgresql Connector is not available.

I checked plugin path and all that. But I have no clue as to how to bring this connector up.

Hi @BugBite,

How do your steps compare to the following? This assumes a fresh Confluent Platform 7.5.1 install at /opt/confluent-7.5.1/.

 export CONFLUENT_HOME=/opt/confluent-7.5.1/
 confluent-hub install debezium/debezium-connector-postgresql:latest
 confluent local services start

For the plugin install, I accepted the defaults to install it in /opt/confluent-7.5.1/share/confluent-hub-components. After starting CP, you’ll see a message like:

Using CONFLUENT_CURRENT: /var/folders/lr/l80_d9f12lx138t8tpwvtv080000gq/T/confluent.845758

Verify that the connect/ file under that directory contains the line:


With these steps I see the connector in Control Center:


Hi @dtroiano , I also have same problem.
In my environment,
confluent version : 6.0.9
debezium-connector-postgresql version: 2.2.1

I am sure I do the same as you mentioned, but the connector is unavailable.

And if I install debezium-connector-postgresql version: 1.9.7, then it works.

steps that I executed:
export CONFLUENT_HOME=~/Downloads/confluent-7.5.2
bin/confluent local services start
bin/confluent-hub install debezium/debezium-connector-postgresql:latest
bin/confluent local services connect stop
bin/confluent local services connect start

Could you please help me to check?

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