Delete and Recreate Kafka Source Connector Consequences

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I have a question. I have a kafka source connector process which runs in prod and polls couchbase every 100ms . Looks like the seed node names are changing. I have to now delete the connector and update the connector with the new node names and recreate the connector. Question is if I delete and recreate the source connector with the same name, will it begin polling from the saved offset or will it start from now on causing data loss? Using Couchbase Kafka Connect 4.1

looks like offsets are stored by seqno and vbuuid – if either or both of these are what couchbase calls “seed node” then yes, it looks like they would change.

I am not a couchbase user, but knowing how offset management is handled for Source connectors in Kafka Connect - this looks to be the code of interest for you to check out.

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