Deserialization of JSON Messages in .NET


Stuck on an issue, hoping the community can help. New to Kafka, experienced .net guy.

The basic scenario:

Its been a long road just getting it working and once I get it into a manageable state and I can write the data off and be the hero-of-the-moment…

Any help would be MOST appreciated.


What do you see when you try?

I think its the definition of my custom deserializer. From everything I’ve been able to find out, it’d be much easier if I had a schema to refer to but I’ve been told this particular installation does not utilize the schema registry.

All the examples of deserialization I have been able to find require said registry except for the cited example.

When just JSON is used, most times you should be able to use the byte / string serializer, and transform that into some JSON object with a library available for that language.
So don’t use the Dotnet serializer, as it’s created specifically for use with schema registry.


Its frustrating because none of the examples seem to work properly and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

My Kafka message has two top-level fields in it. RequestID and Msg. Both, at this level, are basically strings. I think I’m hung up on the proper definition of the deserializer declaration found in most examples. that is, in the classic using statement where you set options… It refuses to take my SetValueDeserializer(new JsonDeserializer()

Have you tried using the utf8 serializer, and then use something else to turn the string to JSON? Seems like confluent-kafka-dotnet/Serializers.cs at 4de84f7c3c4b0d140f643dcb21110fd523efa2cc · confluentinc/confluent-kafka-dotnet · GitHub is what you need?

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