Download option is not available


We are unable to download the data from the Messages tab(cluster overview → Topics → Messages). Earlier we were able to download the data in CSV/JSON format. Now we don’t have the option to download the data from the “Messages” tab.

Please refer attachment and help us to get the download icon in the messages tab.

Hi @sangeethaA ,

Looking at the screenshot, I don’t see any messages in your topic.
Please note this tab will show the messages based on latest by offset. Meaning if you aren’t actively producing messages to your topic, you won’t see them appearing here.
Here are 2 things you can do:

  1. click on the offset textbox and enter a number, for example 0. If there are any messages in your topic, they will start showing up
  2. Publish new messages to your topic. Then you can see them appearing on this screen in real-time.
    Once you see the messages you can click on them and download them as CSV or JSON.

Hope this helps!