Problem to visualize produced messages in Confluent cloud console

Hello everyone !
I’m new to Confluent cloud . I followed this tutorial for creating a kafka producer application :How to build your first Apache KafkaConsumer application using Confluent
I managed to create the kafka producer and produced some messages but i can’t see them appear in the Confluent cloud console . Is it a normal behavior ?
This is the screenshot for my Confluent cloud console .

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @fatima.ezzahra . Welcome to the Confluent Community forum !!

Can you try changing the offset to 0 and checking again?
The page shows messages that arrived after the page was loaded. So if there were any messages sent to the topic earlier, you’d have to change the offset to look. Changing it to 0 will show you messages from the start of the log.

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It works perfectly . Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

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