Mysql cdc to kafka connect is running, but there is no messages show up in the topic

Hi there,
I am following this hands-on lab to create a MySQL CDC connect to the Kafka cluster in the confluent cloud.

The connect does show a “running” state, however, there is no messages to the topic. I am wondering if this is something reproducible for you or it works fine for you out there.


Hi @xsqian,

If you navigate to Confluent Cloud → Topics, how many topics do you see that start with mysql?

Hi @mkananizadeh
There are 2 topics that start with MySQL:

Thank you for including screenshots @xsqian ! When you change the offset to 0, do you see anything?
I attached a screen recording from my setup as a reference
Screen Recording 2022-03-16 at 09.18.14 AM

Actually the option for the drop-down for the offset it faded out for me

@xsqian is that the same thing with your mysql01 topic?

Hi @mkananizadeh
It’s the same for the mysql01 topic. Please see the screenshots below:

Could you type into the offset box? If you can, please enter 0 and then pick 0 / Partition: 0.

@mkananizadeh Actually there are messages in the mysql01 topic once I enter 0 and then pick 0 / partition: 0
Here is the screenshot:

@mkananizadeh Also, after all the trouble, I found the issue: the issue is when creating a connection, I need to have the demo. in front of table CUSTOMERS, so table to include should be demo.CUSTOMERS. Before I though since I put the demo to the include database field, so I only need CUSTOMERS in the include table field. Apparently that not the case, always need demo.CUSTOMERS. Please see the screenshot.
Thank you for your help!


Glad to hear you got it working :slight_smile: