Dummy guide to install mongo sink connector

Hi guys
tried this previously… ended pulling out my own hair.
Can someone point me at a good how to install the MongoDB sink connector, for a local lab.

I’m running mongo-atlas-local as a container
I’m running Confluent stack as local container, run via the docker compose command.



The example here is an end-to-end smoke test. You might try substituting the Atlas local image in this, or compare your setup to this example.

FYI the playground requires bash 4+ and some other dependencies like fzf that it’ll prompt you to install if you don’t already have them.


git clone https://github.com/vdesabou/kafka-docker-playground.git
cd kafka-docker-playground/scripts/cli
./playground run

Select Connectors, then find /connect/connect-mongodb-sink/mongo-sink.sh, then Run the example.

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thank you, will give it a go,