Error while Upgrading Confluent Connector for S3

I am currently working on a project where we have a already setup system with Confluent sink connectors for s3 and Elasticsearch. Current Version which we are using are :-
Kafka Version :- 2.4.0
Confluent Connector for S3 :- 5.3.1
Confluent Connector for Elasticsearch :- 5.3.1

We are in process of upgrading the whole setup, though the goal is to get to the latest version but because of some audit issue we have to gradually upgrade the version. Now we are trying to upgrade to
Kafka :- 2.5.0
Confluent S3 sink :- 5.5.1
Confluent Elastic sink connector:- 5.5.1

This whole setup is deployed in Kubernetes, while deploying the upgraded image i am seeing below error
java.lang.abstractmethoderror: receiver class com.sun.jersey.api.uri.uribuilderimpl does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method 'abstract uri(java.lang.string)' of abstract class

This is causing the connector to fail and exit.
Am I missing out something here ??? Any one in community has encountered this issue ??
Any help to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.