Error: ZooKeeper failed to start

Hi Team,

I am getting following error when i start my zookeer services
User$ confluent local services kafka start

The local commands are intended for a single-node development environment only, NOT for production usage. See more:

As of Confluent Platform 8.0, Java 8 will no longer be supported.

Using CONFLUENT_CURRENT: /var/folders/_7/dq97dj996mq9t5fm8d0gb9sh0000gn/T/confluent.907482

Starting ZooKeeper

Error: ZooKeeper failed to start

Using Mac book and confluent-7.5.3 version
Any help much appreciated

There might be some helpful logging in that CONFLUENT_CURRENT directory, either in zookeeper.stdout or in any of the logs in the zookeeper/logs/ subdirectory.

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