ksqlDB Failing to install

Hi All, Any thought on why this keeps failing (or how to debug) on mac?

$./bin/confluent local services start

The local commands are intended for a single-node development environment only, NOT for production usage. See more: https://docs.confluent.io/current/cli/index.html
As of Confluent Platform 8.0, Java 8 will no longer be supported.

Using CONFLUENT_CURRENT: /var/folders/c1/4pbkh3r504n6rpj1h_pcthkw0000gq/T/confluent.459834
ZooKeeper is [UP]
Kafka is [UP]
Starting Schema Registry
Schema Registry is [UP]
Starting Kafka REST
Kafka REST is [UP]
Connect is [UP]
Starting ksqlDB Server
Error: ksqlDB Server failed to start

There is a ksql-server directory in here, and then within that see if you can find any helpful logging in the ksql-server.stdout file or in the logs directory.